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SEC Filings

NN INC filed this Form 8-K on 10/20/2015
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Registration Statement), as the case may be, their counsel and the managing underwriters, if any, a reasonable opportunity to review copies of all such documents (including copies of any documents to be incorporated by reference therein and all exhibits thereto) proposed to be filed (in each case at least five Business Days prior to such filing). The Company shall not file any such Registration Statement or Prospectus or any amendments or supplements thereto in respect of which the Holders must provide information for the inclusion therein without the Holders being afforded an opportunity to review such documentation if the Holders of a majority in aggregate principal amount of the Registrable Securities covered by such Registration Statement, their counsel, or the managing underwriters, if any, shall reasonably object on a timely basis.

(b) Prepare and file with the SEC such pre-effective amendments and post-effective amendments to each Shelf Registration Statement or Exchange Offer Registration Statement, as the case may be, as may be necessary to keep such Registration Statement continuously effective for the Effectiveness Period, the Applicable Period or until consummation of the Exchange Offer, as the case may be; cause the related Prospectus to be supplemented by any Prospectus supplement required by applicable law, and as so supplemented to be filed pursuant to Rule 424; and comply with the provisions of the Securities Act and the Exchange Act applicable to it with respect to the disposition of all securities covered by such Registration Statement as so amended or in such Prospectus as so supplemented and with respect to the subsequent resale of any securities being sold by any Participating Broker-Dealer covered by any such Prospectus. The Company shall be deemed not to have used its commercially reasonable efforts to keep a Registration Statement effective if the Company voluntarily takes any action that is reasonably expected to result in selling Holders of the Registrable Securities covered thereby or Participating Broker-Dealers seeking to sell Exchange Notes not being able to sell such Registrable Securities or such Exchange Securities during that period unless such action is required by applicable law, rule or regulation or permitted by this Agreement.

(c) If (1) a Shelf Registration is filed pursuant to Section 3 hereof, or (2) a Prospectus contained in an Exchange Offer Registration Statement filed pursuant to Section 2 hereof is required to be delivered under the Securities Act by any Participating Broker-Dealer who seeks to sell Exchange Securities during the Applicable Period relating thereto from whom the Company has received written notice that it will be a Participating Broker-Dealer in the Exchange Offer, notify the selling Holders of Registrable Securities (with respect to a Registration Statement filed pursuant to Section 3 hereof), or each such Participating Broker-Dealer (with respect to any such Registration Statement), as the case may be, their counsel (if such information is received by the Company in writing prior to notice being given by the Company) and the managing underwriters, if any, promptly (but in any event within three Business Days), and confirm such notice in writing, (i) when a Prospectus or any Prospectus supplement or post-effective amendment has been filed, and, with respect to a Registration Statement or any post-effective amendment, when the same has become effective under the Securities Act (including in such notice a written statement that any Holder may, upon request, obtain, without charge, one conformed copy of such Registration Statement or post-effective amendment including financial statements and schedules, documents incorporated or deemed to be incorporated by reference and exhibits), (ii) of the issuance by the SEC of any stop order suspending the effectiveness of a Registration Statement or of any order preventing or suspending the use of any preliminary prospectus or the initiation of any proceedings for that purpose, (iii) if at any time when a Prospectus is required by the Securities Act to be delivered in connection with sales of the Registrable Securities or resales of Exchange Securities by Participating Broker-Dealers the representations and warranties of the Company contained in any agreement (including any underwriting agreement) contemplated by Section 5(n) hereof cease to be true and correct, (iv) of the receipt by the Company of any notification with respect to the suspension of the qualification or exemption from qualification of a Registration