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SEC Filings

NN INC filed this Form 8-K on 10/20/2015
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7.03 Investments and Acquisitions.

(a) Make or hold any Investments (other than Investments pursuant to the Closing Date Acquisition), except:

(i) any endorsement of a check or other medium of payment for deposit or collection through normal banking channels or similar transaction in the normal course of business;

(ii) any investment in (A) direct obligations of the United States or in certificates of deposit issued by a member bank (having capital resources in excess of $100,000,000) of the Federal Reserve System or (B) commercial paper or securities that at the time of such investment is assigned the highest quality rating in accordance with the rating systems employed by either Moody’s or S&P;

(iii) the holding of each of the Subsidiaries listed on Schedule 5.01 hereto, and the creation, acquisition and holding of, and any investment in, any new Subsidiary after the Closing Date so long as such new Subsidiary shall have been created, acquired or held, and investments made, in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement and pursuant to transactions otherwise permitted under this Section 7.03;

(iv) any Permitted Foreign Subsidiary and other Loans and Investments, so long as (A) no Default shall exist prior to or after giving effect thereto and (B) after giving pro forma effect to such investments or loans (and to any Indebtedness incurred in connection therewith), the Borrower and its Subsidiaries shall be in compliance with the Pro Forma Leverage Test;

(v) loans to, investments in, and Guarantees of Indebtedness of, the Borrower or any other Loan Party from or by another Loan Party;

(vi) loans to, investments in, and Guarantees of Indebtedness of, a Foreign Subsidiary from or by a another Foreign Subsidiary;

(vii) any advance or loan to an officer or employee of the Borrower or any Subsidiary as an advance on commissions, travel, relocation and other similar items in the ordinary course of business, so long as all such advances and loans from the Borrower and all Subsidiaries aggregate not more than the maximum principal sum of $1,000,000 at any time outstanding;

(viii) the holding of any Equity Interests that has been acquired pursuant to an Acquisition permitted by subsection (b) hereof;

(ix) the creation of a Subsidiary for the purpose of making an Acquisition permitted by subsection (b) hereof or the holding of any Subsidiary as a result of an Acquisition made pursuant subsection (b) hereof, so long as, in each case, if required pursuant to Section 6.12 hereof, such Subsidiary becomes a Guarantor promptly following such Acquisition;