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SEC Filings

NN INC filed this Form 8-K on 10/20/2015
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The Borrower hereby acknowledges that (a) the Administrative Agent and/or one or more of the Arrangers will make available to the Lenders and the L/C Issuers materials and/or information provided by or on behalf of the Borrower hereunder (collectively, “Borrower Materials”) by posting the Borrower Materials on IntraLinks, SyndTrak or another similar electronic system (the “Platform”) and (b) certain of the Lenders (each, a “Public Lender”) may have personnel who do not wish to receive material non-public information (for purposes of the United States Federal and state securities laws) with respect to the Borrower or its Affiliates, or the respective securities of any of the foregoing, and who may be engaged in investment and other market-related activities with respect to such Persons’ securities. The Borrower hereby agrees that it will use commercially reasonable efforts to identify that portion of the Borrower Materials that may be distributed to the Public Lenders and that (w) all such Borrower Materials that are to be made available to Public Lenders shall be clearly and conspicuously marked “PUBLIC” which, at a minimum, means that the word “PUBLIC” shall appear prominently on the first page thereof; (x) by marking Borrower Materials “PUBLIC,” the Borrower shall be deemed to have authorized the Administrative Agent, the Arrangers, the L/C Issuers and the Lenders to treat such Borrower Materials as not containing any material non-public information (although it may be sensitive and proprietary) with respect to the Borrower or its securities for purposes of United States federal and state securities laws (provided, however, that to the extent such Borrower Materials constitute Information, they shall be treated as set forth in Section 10.07); (y) all Borrower Materials marked “PUBLIC” are permitted to be made available through a portion of the Platform designated “Public Side Information;” and (z) the Administrative Agent and the Arrangers shall be entitled to treat any Borrower Materials that are not marked “PUBLIC” as being suitable only for posting on a portion of the Platform not designated “Public Side Information.”

6.03 Notices. Promptly, after a Responsible Officer of the Borrower or any of its Subsidiaries has knowledge thereof, notify the Administrative Agent and each Lender:

(a) whenever a Default may occur hereunder;

(b) of any matter that has resulted, or, either individually or in the aggregate, would reasonably be expected to result, in a Material Adverse Effect;

(c) of the occurrence of any ERISA Event;

(d) of any material change in accounting policies or financial reporting practices by any Loan Party or any Subsidiary thereof;

(e) of the (i) occurrence of any Disposition of property or assets for which the Borrower is required to make a mandatory prepayment pursuant to Section 2.05(b)(ii), (ii) incurrence or issuance of any Indebtedness for which the Borrower is required to make a mandatory prepayment pursuant to Section 2.05(b)(iii), and (iii) receipt of any Extraordinary Receipt for which the Borrower is required to make a mandatory prepayment pursuant to Section 2.05(b)(iv);