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SEC Filings

NN INC filed this Form 8-K on 10/20/2015
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As to any information contained in materials furnished pursuant to Section 6.02(d), the Borrower shall not be separately required to furnish such information under Section 6.01(a) or (b) above, but the foregoing shall not be in derogation of the obligation of the Borrower to furnish the information and materials described in Sections 6.01(a) and (b) above at the times specified therein.

6.02 Certificates; Other Information. Deliver to the Administrative Agent and each Lender, in form and detail satisfactory to the Administrative Agent and the Required Lenders:

(a) concurrently with the delivery of the financial statements referred to in Section 6.01(a) (commencing with the delivery of the financial statements for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2015), a certificate of its independent certified public accountants certifying such financial statements;

(b) concurrently with the delivery of the financial statements referred to in Sections 6.01(a) and (b) (commencing with the delivery of the financial statements for the fiscal quarter ended September 30, 2015), a duly completed Compliance Certificate signed by a Financial Officer of the Borrower (which delivery may, unless the Administrative Agent, or a Lender requests executed originals, be by electronic communication including fax or email and shall be deemed to be an original authentic counterpart thereof for all purposes), which Compliance Certificate shall (x) provide that no Default exists or, if a Default exists, specifying the nature and extent thereof and (y) set forth (i) any change in the identity of any of the Immaterial Subsidiaries or Inactive Subsidiaries during such period and (ii) a detailed calculation of the Consolidated Leverage Ratio, the Consolidated Net Leverage Ratio, the Consolidated Secured Leverage Ratio and the amount available for Investments and Restricted Payments under Sections 7.03(a)(xiv) and 7.06(d), in each case as of the last day of such period, and solely with respect to the delivery concurrently with the financial statements referred to in Section 6.01(a), a calculation of Excess Cash Flow for such fiscal year);

(c) promptly after the same are available, copies of any detailed audit reports or management letters submitted to the board of directors (or the audit committee of the board of directors) of the Borrower by independent accountants in connection with any audit of the Borrower or any Subsidiary;

(d) promptly after the same are available, copies of all notices, reports, definitive proxy or other statements and other documents (other than any routine ministerial notices, reports or other documents) sent by the Borrower to its shareholders, to the holders of any of its debentures or bonds or the trustee of any indenture securing the same or pursuant to which they are issued, or sent by the Borrower (in final form) to any securities exchange or over the counter authority or system, or to the SEC or any similar federal agency having regulatory jurisdiction over the issuance of the Borrower’s securities, including, without limitation, a transcript and summary (in form and substance satisfactory to the Administrative Agent) of any earnings calls or similar calls with respect to the Borrower;

(e) promptly after the furnishing thereof, copies of any statement or report (other than any routine ministerial statements or reports) furnished to any holder of debt securities, including, without limitation, any holders of Indebtedness governed by any Material