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NN INC filed this Form 8-K on 10/20/2015
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3.07 Survival. All of the Borrower’s obligations under this Article III shall survive termination of the Aggregate Commitments, repayment of all other Obligations hereunder, and resignation of the Administrative Agent.



4.01 Conditions of Closing and Initial Borrowing. The effectiveness of this Agreement and the obligation of each Lender and each L/C Issuer to make its Loans on the Closing Date are subject to satisfaction of the following conditions precedent:

(a) The Administrative Agent’s receipt of the following, each of which shall be originals or telecopies (followed promptly by originals) unless otherwise specified, each properly executed by a Responsible Officer of the signing Loan Party, each dated the Closing Date (or, in the case of certificates of governmental officials, a recent date before the Closing Date) and each in form and substance reasonably satisfactory to the Administrative Agent and each of the Lenders:

(i) executed counterparts of this Agreement and the Guaranty;

(ii) (A) a Revolving Credit Note executed by the Borrower in favor of each Revolving Credit Lender requesting a Revolving Credit Note, and (B) a Term Note executed by the Borrower in favor of each Term Lender requesting a Term Note;

(iii) a security agreement (together with each other security agreement and security agreement supplement delivered pursuant to Section 6.12, in each case as amended, the “Security Agreement”), duly executed by each Loan Party, together with:

(A) certificates and instruments representing the Collateral consisting of Certificated Securities or Instruments (each such term as defined in the UCC) accompanied by undated stock powers, allonges or instruments of transfer executed in blank;

(B) proper UCC financing statements in form appropriate for filing under the Uniform Commercial Code of all jurisdictions that the Administrative Agent may deem necessary or desirable in order to perfect the Liens created under the Security Agreement, covering the Collateral described in the Security Agreement;

(C) certified copies of UCC, United States Patent and Trademark Office and United States Copyright Office, tax and judgment lien searches, or equivalent reports or searches, each of a recent date listing all effective financing statements, lien notices or comparable documents (together with copies of such financing statements and documents) that name any Loan Party as debtor and that are filed in those state and county jurisdictions in which any Loan Party is organized or maintains its principal place of business and such other searches that the Administrative Agent deems necessary or appropriate, none of which encumber the Collateral covered or intended to be covered by the Collateral Documents (other than Liens permitted under Section 7.01);