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SEC Filings

NN INC filed this Form 8-K on 10/20/2015
Entire Document

warranties modified by a materiality or Material Adverse Effect standard, in all respects) as of such earlier date, and except that for purposes of this clause (i)(B)(3), the representations and warranties contained in Sections 5.05(a) and (b) shall be deemed to refer to the most recent statements furnished pursuant to Sections 6.01(a) and (b), respectively. In addition, as a condition precedent to each Incremental Increase, the Borrower shall deliver or cause to be delivered such other officer’s certificates, Organization Documents and legal opinions of the type delivered on the Closing Date as are reasonably requested by, and in form and substance reasonably satisfactory to, the Administrative Agent.

(ii) Each Revolving Credit Increase shall have the same terms as the outstanding Revolving Credit Loans and be part of the existing Revolving Credit Facility hereunder. Upon each Revolving Credit Increase (x) each Revolving Credit Lender having a Revolving Credit Commitment immediately prior to such increase will automatically and without further act be deemed to have assigned to each Revolving Credit Lender providing a portion of the Revolving Credit Increase (each, a “Revolving Credit Increase Lender”) in respect of such increase, and each such Revolving Credit Increase Lender will automatically and without further act be deemed to have assumed, a portion of such Revolving Credit Lender’s participations hereunder in outstanding Letters of Credit and Swing Line Loans such that, after giving effect to each such deemed assignment and assumption of participations, the percentage of the aggregate outstanding (1) participations hereunder in Letters of Credit and (2) participations hereunder in Swing Line Loans, will, in each case, equal each Revolving Credit Lender’s Applicable Revolving Credit Percentages (after giving effect to such increase in the Revolving Credit Facility) and (y) if, on the date of such increase there are any Revolving Credit Loans outstanding, the Revolving Credit Lenders shall make such payments among themselves as the Administrative Agent may reasonably request to the extent necessary to keep the outstanding Revolving Credit Loans ratable with any revised Applicable Revolving Credit Percentages arising from such Revolving Credit Increase, and the Borrower shall pay to the applicable Lenders any amounts required to be paid pursuant to Section 3.05 in connection with such payments among the Revolving Credit Lenders as if such payments were effected by prepayments of Revolving Credit Loans.

(iii) To the extent that any Incremental Increase shall take the form of an Incremental Term Loan, this Agreement may be amended to the extent necessary (without the need to obtain the consent of any Lender or any L/C Issuer other than the Lenders providing such Incremental Term Loans), in form and substance reasonably satisfactory to the Administrative Agent and the Borrower, to include such terms as are customary for a term loan commitment, including mandatory prepayments, assignments and voting provisions; provided that (i) if any terms taken as a whole are adverse to the material interests of the existing Lenders, as reasonably determined by the Administrative Agent, then that shall constitute a reasonable basis for the Administrative Agent not to be satisfied with such terms or amendment and (ii) no such terms or amendment shall contravene any of the terms of the then existing Loan Documents. On any Increase Effective Date on which any Incremental Increase in the form of an Incremental Term Loan is effective, subject to the satisfaction of the terms and conditions in this Section 2.14, each Lender of such Incremental Term Loan shall make an amount equal to its commitment to such Incremental Term Loan available to the Borrower, in a manner consistent with Borrowings hereunder.

(iv) As a condition precedent to each Incremental Increase, all fees and expenses relating to each Incremental Increase, to the extent due and payable, shall have been paid in full.

(e) Conflicting Provisions. This Section shall supersede any provisions in Section 2.13 or 10.01 to the contrary.