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SEC Filings

NN INC filed this Form 8-K on 10/20/2015
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(n) Reporting of Letter of Credit Information. At any time that any Revolving Credit Lender other than the Person serving as the Administrative Agent is an L/C Issuer, then (i) on the last Business Day of each calendar month, (ii) on each date that a Letter of Credit is amended, terminated or otherwise expires, (iii) on each date that an L/C Credit Extension occurs with respect to any Letter of Credit, and (iv) upon the request of the Administrative Agent, each L/C Issuer (or, in the case of part (ii), (iii) or (iv), the applicable L/C Issuer) shall deliver to the Administrative Agent a report setting forth in form and detail reasonably satisfactory to the Administrative Agent information (including, without limitation, any reimbursement, Cash Collateral or termination in respect of Letters of Credit issued by such L/C Issuer) with respect to each Letter of Credit issued by such L/C Issuer that is outstanding hereunder, including any auto-renewal or termination of auto-renewal provisions in such Letter of Credit. No failure on the part of any L/C Issuer to provide such information pursuant to this Section 2.03(n) shall limit the obligation of the Borrower or any Revolving Credit Lender hereunder with respect to its reimbursement and participation obligations, respectively, pursuant to this Section 2.03.

2.04 Swing Line Loans. (a) The Swing Line. Subject to the terms and conditions set forth herein, the Swing Line Lender, in reliance upon the agreements of the other Lenders set forth in this Section 2.04, shall make loans (each such loan, a “Swing Line Loan”) to the Borrower from time to time on any Business Day during the Availability Period in an aggregate amount not to exceed at any time outstanding the amount of the Swing Line Sublimit, notwithstanding the fact that such Swing Line Loans, when aggregated with the Applicable Revolving Credit Percentage of the Outstanding Amount of Revolving Credit Loans and L/C Obligations of the Lender acting as Swing Line Lender, may exceed the amount of such Lender’s Revolving Credit Commitment; provided, however, that after giving effect to any Swing Line Loan, (i) the Total Revolving Credit Outstandings shall not exceed the Revolving Credit Facility at such time, and (ii) the Revolving Credit Exposure of any Revolving Credit Lender shall not exceed such Lender’s Revolving Credit Commitment, (y) the Borrower shall not use the proceeds of any Swing Line Loan to refinance any outstanding Swing Line Loan, and (z) the Swing Line Lender shall not be under any obligation to make any Swing Line Loan if it shall determine (which determination shall be conclusive and binding absent manifest error) that it has, or by such Credit Extension may have, Fronting Exposure. Within the foregoing limits, and subject to the other terms and conditions hereof, the Borrower may borrow under this Section 2.04, prepay under Section 2.05, and reborrow under this Section 2.04. Each Swing Line Loan shall bear interest only at a rate based on the Base Rate. Immediately upon the making of a Swing Line Loan, each Revolving Credit Lender shall be deemed to, and hereby irrevocably and unconditionally agrees to, purchase from the Swing Line Lender a risk participation in such Swing Line Loan in an amount equal to the product of such Revolving Credit Lender’s Applicable Revolving Credit Percentage times the amount of such Swing Line Loan.

(b) Borrowing Procedures. Each Swing Line Borrowing shall be made upon the Borrower’s irrevocable notice to the Swing Line Lender and the Administrative Agent, which may be given by telephone. Each such notice must be received by the Swing Line Lender and the Administrative Agent not later than 1:00 p.m. on the requested borrowing date, and shall specify (i) the amount to be borrowed, which shall be a minimum of $100,000, and (ii) the