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SEC Filings

NN INC filed this Form 8-K on 10/20/2015
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Credit Lender shall pay to the Swing Line Lender its Applicable Revolving Credit Percentage thereof on demand of the Administrative Agent, plus interest thereon from the date of such demand to the date such amount is returned, at a rate per annum equal to the Federal Funds Rate. The Administrative Agent will make such demand upon the request of the Swing Line Lender. The obligations of the Lenders under this clause shall survive the payment in full of the Obligations and the termination of this Agreement.

(e) Interest for Account of Swing Line Lender. The Swing Line Lender shall be responsible for invoicing the Borrower for interest on the Swing Line Loans. Until each Revolving Credit Lender funds its Base Rate Loan or risk participation pursuant to this Section 2.04 to refinance such Revolving Credit Lender’s Applicable Revolving Credit Percentage of any Swing Line Loan, interest in respect of such Applicable Revolving Credit Percentage shall be solely for the account of the Swing Line Lender.

(f) Payments Directly to Swing Line Lender. The Borrower shall make all payments of principal and interest in respect of the Swing Line Loans directly to the Swing Line Lender.

(g) Notices and Reporting of Swing Line Loan Information.

(i) Promptly after receipt of any Swing Line Loan Notice or notice under clause (b) hereof, the Swing Line Lender will confirm with the Administrative Agent (by telephone or in writing) that the Administrative Agent has received a copy of such notice from the Borrower and, if not, the Swing Line Lender will provide the Administrative Agent with a copy thereof.

(ii) If at any time that any Revolving Credit Lender other than the Person serving as the Administrative Agent is the Swing Line Lender, then (A) on the first Business Day of each calendar month, (B) on each date that a Swing Line Loan is issued, continued or converted, and (C) promptly upon the request of the Administrative Agent, the Swing Line Lender shall deliver (or in the case of clause (B), use commercially reasonable efforts to deliver) to the Administrative Agent a report setting forth in form and detail reasonably satisfactory to the Administrative Agent information (including, without limitation, any reimbursement, Cash Collateral, conversion, extension or repayment in respect of Swing Line Loans issued by the Swing Line Lender) with respect to each Swing Line Loan issued by the Swing Line Lender that is outstanding hereunder. No failure on the part of the Swing Line Lender to provide such information pursuant to this Section 2.04(g) shall limit the obligation of the Borrower or any Lender hereunder with respect to its reimbursement and participation obligations, respectively, pursuant to this Section 2.04.

(h) Removal of Swing Line Lender. The Borrower may at any time remove any Revolving Credit Lender from its role as Swing Line Lender hereunder upon not less than 30 days prior notice to the Swing Line Lender and the Administrative Agent (or such shorter period of time as may be acceptable to the Swing Line Lender and the Administrative Agent) so long as prior to the removal of such Revolving Credit Lender from its role as Swing Line Lender, (x) the Borrower appoints another Revolving Credit Lender to serve as successor Swing Line Lender, (y) such Revolving Credit Lender accepts its appointment to serve as Successor Swing Line