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SEC Filings

NN INC filed this Form 8-K on 10/20/2015
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(i) No L/C Issuer shall issue any Letter of Credit if:

(A) subject to Section 2.03(b)(iii), the expiry date of the requested Letter of Credit would occur more than twelve months after the date of issuance or last extension, unless the applicable L/C Issuer and the Required Revolving Lenders have approved such expiry date; or

(B) the expiry date of the requested Letter of Credit would occur after the Letter of Credit Expiration Date, unless all the Revolving Credit Lenders and the applicable L/C Issuer have approved such expiry date.

(ii) No L/C Issuer shall be under any obligation to issue any Letter of Credit if:

(A) any order, judgment or decree of any Governmental Authority or arbitrator shall by its terms purport to enjoin or restrain such L/C Issuer from issuing the Letter of Credit, or any Law applicable to such L/C Issuer or any request or directive (whether or not having the force of law) from any Governmental Authority with jurisdiction over such L/C Issuer shall prohibit, or request that such L/C Issuer refrain from, the issuance of letters of credit generally or the Letter of Credit in particular or shall impose upon such L/C Issuer with respect to the Letter of Credit any restriction, reserve or capital requirement (for which such L/C Issuer is not otherwise compensated hereunder) not in effect on the Closing Date, or shall impose upon such L/C Issuer any unreimbursed loss, cost or expense which was not applicable on the Closing Date and which such L/C Issuer in good faith deems material to it;

(B) the issuance of such Letter of Credit would violate one or more policies of such L/C Issuer applicable to letters of credit generally;

(C) except as otherwise agreed by the Administrative Agent and the applicable L/C Issuer, such Letter of Credit is in an initial stated amount less than $500,000;

(D) such Letter of Credit is to be denominated in a currency other than Dollars;

(E) any Revolving Credit Lender is at that time a Defaulting Lender, unless such L/C Issuer has entered into arrangements, including the delivery of Cash Collateral, satisfactory to such L/C Issuer (in its sole discretion) with the Borrower or such Lender to eliminate such L/C Issuer’s actual or potential Fronting Exposure (after giving effect to Section 2.15(a)(iv)) with respect to the Defaulting Lender arising from either the Letter of Credit then proposed to be issued or that Letter of Credit and all other L/C Obligations as to which such L/C Issuer has actual or potential Fronting Exposure, as it may elect in its sole discretion; or

(F) such Letter of Credit contains any provisions for automatic reinstatement of the stated amount after any drawing thereunder.