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SEC Filings

NN INC filed this Form 8-K on 10/20/2015
Entire Document

Register” has the meaning specified in Section 10.06(c).

Related Documents” means, collectively, (a) the Closing Date Acquisition Agreement and (b) all other material documents entered into by any Loan Party in connection with the Closing Date Acquisition.

Related Parties” means, with respect to any Person, such Person’s Affiliates and the partners, directors, officers, employees, agents, trustees and advisors of such Person and of such Person’s Affiliates.

Release” means any release, spill, emission, discharge, deposit, disposal, leaking, pumping, pouring, dumping, emptying, injection or leaching into the Environment, or into, from or through any building, structure or facility.

Reportable Event” means any of the events set forth in Section 4043(c) of ERISA, other than events for which the 30 day notice period has been waived.

Repricing Event” means (a) any prepayment or repayment of the initial Loans (or any portion thereof) with the proceeds of, or any conversion of initial Loans into, any new or replacement Indebtedness bearing interest with an “effective yield” (taking into account, for example, upfront fees, interest rate spreads, interest rate benchmark floors and original issue discount, but excluding the effect of any arrangement, structuring, syndication or other fees payable in connection therewith that are not shared with all lenders or holders of the initial Loans or such new or replacement Indebtedness, as the case may be) less than the “effective yield” applicable to all or a portion of the initial Loans subject to such prepayment or repayment (as such comparative yields are determined by the Administrative Agent) or (b) any amendment to this Agreement which reduces the “effective yield” (determined in accordance with clause (a) above) applicable to all or a portion of the initial Loans.

Request for Credit Extension” means (a) with respect to a Borrowing, conversion or continuation of Term Loans or Revolving Credit Loans, a Committed Loan Notice, (b) with respect to an L/C Credit Extension, a Letter of Credit Application, and (c) with respect to a Swing Line Loan, a Swing Line Loan Notice.

Required Lenders” means, at any time, Lenders holding more than 50% of the sum of the (a) Total Outstandings (with the aggregate amount of each Revolving Credit Lender’s risk participation and funded participation in L/C Obligations and Swing Line Loans being deemed “held” by such Revolving Credit Lender for purposes of this definition) and (b) aggregate unused Commitments; provided that the unused Revolving Credit Commitment of, and the portion of the Total Revolving Credit Outstandings and the Term Facility held or deemed held by, any Defaulting Lender shall be excluded for purposes of making a determination of Required Lenders; provided, further, that, if at such time there are three or fewer unaffiliated Lenders (other than Defaulting Lenders), Required Lenders shall also require not fewer than two unaffiliated Lenders (other than Defaulting Lenders).