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SEC Filings

NN INC filed this Form 8-K on 10/20/2015
Entire Document

(f) all Attributable Indebtedness in respect of Capitalized Leases and Synthetic Lease Obligations of such Person and all Synthetic Debt of such Person;

(g) all obligations of such Person to purchase, redeem, retire, defease or otherwise make any payment in respect of any Equity Interest in such Person or any other Person or any warrant, right or option to acquire such Equity Interest, valued, in the case of a redeemable preferred interest, at the greater of its voluntary or involuntary liquidation preference plus accrued and unpaid dividends;

(h) all obligations of such Person with respect to asset securitization financing programs to the extent that there is recourse against such Person or such Person is liable (contingent or otherwise) under any such program;

(i) all Guarantees of such Person in respect of any of the foregoing; and

(j) all Disqualified Equity Interests issued by such Person with the amount of Indebtedness represented by such Disqualified Equity Interests being equal to the greater of its voluntary or involuntary liquidation preference and its maximum fixed repurchase price or, with respect to any Subsidiary, any preferred Equity Interests (but excluding, in each case, accrued dividends, if any).

For all purposes hereof, the Indebtedness of any Person shall include the Indebtedness of any partnership or joint venture (other than a joint venture that is itself a corporation or limited liability company) in which such Person is a general partner or a joint venturer, unless such Indebtedness is expressly made non-recourse to such Person. The amount of any net obligation under any Swap Contract on any date shall be deemed to be the Swap Termination Value thereof as of such date.

Indemnified Taxes” means (a) Taxes other than Excluded Taxes, imposed on or with respect to any payment made by or on account of any obligation of any Loan Party under any Loan Document and (b) to the extent not otherwise described in (a), Other Taxes.

Indemnitee” has the meaning specified in Section 10.04(b).

Information” has the meaning specified in Section 10.07.

Initial Term Borrowing” means a borrowing made on the Closing Date, with respect to Initial Term Loans consisting of the same Type and, in the case of Eurodollar Rate Loans, having the same Interest Period, made by each of the Term Lenders pursuant to Section 2.01(a).

Initial Term Commitment” means, as to each Term Lender, its obligation to make Initial Term Loans to the Borrower on the Closing Date with respect to the Initial Term Facility pursuant to Section 2.01(a), in an aggregate principal amount at any one time outstanding not to exceed the amount set forth opposite such Lender’s name on Schedule 2.01 under the caption “Term Commitment” or opposite such caption in the Assignment and Assumption pursuant to which such Lender becomes a party hereto, as applicable, as such amount may be adjusted from time to time in accordance with this Agreement.