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SEC Filings

NN INC filed this Form 8-K on 10/20/2015
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without limitation, expenses associated with the production of road show slides and graphics, fees and expenses of any consultants engaged in connection with the road show presentations, travel and lodging expenses of the representatives (including the Initial Purchasers) and officers of the Company and any such consultants, and 50% of the cost of any aircraft chartered in connection with the road show. It is understood, however, that except as provided in this Section 6 and Section 8 hereof, the Initial Purchasers shall pay their own expenses, including the fees and disbursements of their counsel.

(b) If the sale of the Securities provided for herein is not consummated because any condition to the obligations of the Initial Purchasers set forth in Section 5 hereof is not satisfied, because this Agreement is terminated pursuant to Section 9 hereof or because of any failure, refusal or inability on the part of the Company to perform all obligations and satisfy all conditions on its part to be performed or satisfied hereunder other than by reason of a default by any of the Initial Purchasers, the Company will reimburse the Initial Purchasers upon demand for all reasonable out-of-pocket expenses (including, without limitation, documented fees and disbursements of counsel, printing expenses, travel expenses, postage, facsimile and telephone charges) that shall have been incurred by them in connection with the proposed purchase and sale of the Securities.

SECTION 7. Indemnification.

(a) Indemnification by the Company and the Guarantors. Each of the Company and the NN Guarantors, and upon execution of the Joinder Agreement, each of the PEP Guarantors, jointly and severally, agrees to indemnify and hold harmless each Initial Purchaser, its affiliates, directors, officers and employees, and each person, if any, who controls (within the meaning of Section 15 of the Securities Act or Section 20 of the Exchange Act) any Initial Purchaser against any and all losses, claims, damages, liabilities or expenses, as incurred, to which such Initial Purchaser, affiliate, director, officer, employee or controlling person may become subject, under the Securities Act, the Exchange Act or other federal or state statutory law or regulation, or at common law or otherwise (including in settlement of any litigation, if such settlement is effected with the written consent of the Company), insofar as such losses, claims, damages, liabilities or expenses (or actions in respect thereof as contemplated below) arise out of or are based upon any untrue statement or alleged untrue statement of a material fact contained in the Preliminary Offering Memorandum, any Company Additional Written Communication, any Permitted General Solicitation, the Final Offering Memorandum or any Updated Final Offering Memorandum (or any amendment or supplement thereto), or the omission or alleged omission therefrom of a material fact, in each case, necessary in order to make the statements therein, in the light of the circumstances under which they were made, not misleading; and will reimburse each Initial Purchaser and each such affiliate, director, officer, employee or controlling person for any and all expenses (including the fees and disbursements of counsel chosen by SunTrust) as such expenses are reasonably incurred by such Initial Purchaser or such affiliate, director, officer, employee or controlling person in connection with investigating, defending, settling, compromising or paying any such loss, claim, damage, liability, expense or action; provided, however, that the Company and the Guarantors will not be liable in any such case to the extent, but only to the extent, that any such loss, claim, damage, liability or expense arises out of or is based upon any untrue statement or alleged untrue statement or omission or alleged omission made in reliance upon and in conformity with written information relating to such Initial Purchaser and furnished to the