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SEC Filings

NN INC filed this Form 8-K on 10/20/2015
Entire Document

(9) make any change to, or modify the ranking of, the Notes that would adversely affect the Holders of the Notes; or

(10) make any change in the preceding amendment and waiver provisions in Sections 9.01 and 9.02.


Section 9.03 Compliance with Trust Indenture Act.

Every amendment or supplement to this Indenture or the Notes will be set forth in an amended or supplemental indenture that complies with the TIA as then in effect.

The Company may, in the circumstances permitted by the TIA, set any day as the record date for the purpose of determining the Holders of outstanding Notes entitled to give or take any request, demand, authorization, direction, notice, consent, waiver, or other action provided or permitted by this Indenture to be given or taken by Holders of the Notes.


Section 9.04 Revocation and Effect of Consents.

Until an amendment, supplement or waiver becomes effective, a consent to it by a Holder of a Note is a continuing consent by the Holder of a Note and every subsequent Holder of a Note or portion of a Note that evidences the same debt as the consenting Holder’s Note, even if notation of the consent is not made on any Note. However, any such Holder of a Note or subsequent Holder of a Note may revoke the consent as to its Note if the Trustee receives written notice of revocation before the date the amendment, supplement or waiver becomes effective. An amendment, supplement or waiver becomes effective in accordance with its terms and thereafter binds every Holder.


Section 9.05 Notation on or Exchange of Notes.

The Trustee may place an appropriate notation about an amendment, supplement or waiver on any Note thereafter authenticated. Alternatively, the Company in exchange for all Notes may issue and the Trustee shall, upon receipt of an Authentication Order, authenticate new Notes that reflect the amendment, supplement or waiver.

Failure to make the appropriate notation or issue a new Note will not affect the validity and effect of such amendment, supplement or waiver.


Section 9.06 Trustee to Sign Amendments, etc.

The Trustee will sign any amended or supplemental indenture authorized pursuant to this Article 9 if the amendment or supplement does not adversely affect the rights, duties, liabilities or immunities of the Trustee. The Company may not sign an amended or supplemental indenture until the Board of Directors of the Company approves it. In executing any amended or supplemental indenture, the Trustee will be entitled to receive and (subject to Section 7.01 hereof) will be fully protected in relying upon, in addition to the documents required by Section 13.04 hereof, an Officer’s Certificate and an Opinion of Counsel stating that the execution of such amended or supplemental indenture is authorized or permitted by this Indenture and that it will be the legal, valid and binding obligation of the Company and the Guarantors in accordance with its terms.