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SEC Filings

NN INC filed this Form 8-K on 10/20/2015
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(E) a combination of the consideration specified in the foregoing clauses (A) through (D) of this Section 4.10(a).

(b) Within 365 days after the receipt of any Net Proceeds from an Asset Sale, the Company (or the applicable Restricted Subsidiary, as the case may be) may apply such Net Proceeds at its option:

(1) to repay Senior Debt that is secured by a Lien, which Lien is permitted by this Indenture and, if such Senior Debt repaid is revolving credit Indebtedness, to correspondingly reduce commitments with respect thereto;

(2) to acquire all or substantially all of the assets of, or any Capital Stock of, another Permitted Business, provided that, in the case of any such acquisition of Capital Stock, the Permitted Business is or becomes or is merged with or into a Restricted Subsidiary of the Company;

(3) to make a capital expenditure;

(4) to acquire other assets that are not classified as current assets under GAAP and that are used or useful in a Permitted Business;

(5) to repay other Senior Debt; provided that to the extent the Company (or the applicable Restricted Subsidiary, as the case may be) reduces Obligations under Senior Debt other than the Notes, the Company shall equally and ratably reduce Obligations under the Notes pursuant to Section 3.07 through open-market purchases (to the extent such purchases are at or above 100% of the principal amount thereof) or by making an offer (in accordance with the procedures set forth in Section 3.09) to all Holders to purchase their Notes at 100% of the principal amount thereof, plus the amount of accrued and unpaid interest and Additional Interest, if any, on the amount of Notes to be prepaid; or

(6) a combination of the repayments, acquisitions and expenditures permitted by the immediately foregoing clauses (1) through (5) of this Section 4.10(b);

provided that, in the case of clauses (2), (3) and (4) above of this Section 4.10(b), a binding commitment entered into not later than such 365th day will extend the period for such investment or other payment for up to an additional 180 days after the end of such 365-day period so long as the Company or a Restricted Subsidiary enters into such commitment with the good faith expectation that such Net Proceeds will be applied to satisfy such commitment within such 180 days (an “Acceptable Commitment”). In the event an Acceptable Commitment is later cancelled or terminated for any reason before the Net Proceeds are applied in connection therewith but after the end of the original 365-day period, then such Net Proceeds will be deemed to constitute Excess Proceeds on the date of such cancellation or termination. In addition to the foregoing, at any time and on one or more occasions prior to such 365th day (as extended, if applicable), the Company in its sole discretion may apply Net Proceeds from one or more Asset Sales to make an Asset Sale Offer as described below in this Section 4.10.

Pending the final application of any Net Proceeds, the Company may temporarily reduce revolving credit borrowings or otherwise invest the Net Proceeds in any manner that is not prohibited by this Indenture.

Any Net Proceeds from Asset Sales that are not applied or invested as provided in Section 4.10(b) hereof will constitute “Excess Proceeds.” When the aggregate amount of Excess Proceeds exceeds $40.0 million (or such lesser amount that the Company determines), the Company will make an Asset Sale Offer to all Holders of Notes and all holders of other Indebtedness that is pari passu with the Notes containing provisions similar to those set forth in this Indenture with respect to offers to purchase or redeem with the proceeds of sales of assets in accordance with Section 3.09 hereof to purchase the maximum principal amount of Notes and such other pari passu Indebtedness that may be purchased out of the Excess Proceeds. The offer price in any Asset Sale Offer will be equal to 100% of the principal amount plus accrued and unpaid interest and Additional Interest, if any, to the date of purchase and will be payable in cash. If any Excess Proceeds remain after consummation of an Asset Sale Offer, the Company may use those Excess Proceeds for any purpose not otherwise prohibited by this Indenture. If the aggregate principal amount of Notes and other pari passu Indebtedness tendered into such Asset Sale Offer exceeds the amount of Excess