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SEC Filings

NN INC filed this Form 8-K on 10/20/2015
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(3) Liens on property or shares of stock of a Person existing at the time such Person is merged with or into or consolidated with the Company or any Subsidiary of the Company; provided that such Liens were in existence prior to the contemplation of such merger or consolidation and do not extend to any assets or shares of stock other than those of the Person merged into or consolidated with the Company or the Subsidiary;

(4) Liens on property (including Capital Stock) existing at the time of acquisition of the property by the Company or any Subsidiary of the Company; provided that such Liens were in existence prior to, such acquisition, and not incurred in contemplation of, such acquisition;

(5) Liens to secure the performance of statutory obligations, surety or appeal bonds, performance bonds or other obligations of a like nature incurred in the ordinary course of business;

(6) Liens to secure Indebtedness (including Capital Lease Obligations) permitted by Section 4.09(b)(4) hereof covering only the assets acquired with or financed by such Indebtedness;

(7) Liens existing on the Issue Date (other than Liens securing Indebtedness outstanding under clause (1) of the definition of Permitted Debt);

(8) Liens for taxes, assessments or other governmental charges or claims that are not yet delinquent or that are being contested in good faith by appropriate proceedings promptly instituted and diligently concluded; provided that any reserve or other appropriate provision as is required in conformity with GAAP has been made therefor;

(9) Liens imposed by law, such as carriers’, warehousemen’s, landlord’s and mechanics’ Liens, in each case, incurred in the ordinary course of business;

(10) survey exceptions, easements or reservations of, or rights of others for, licenses, rights-of-way, sewers, electric lines, telegraph and telephone lines and other similar purposes, or zoning or other restrictions as to the use of real property that were not incurred in connection with Indebtedness and that do not in the aggregate materially adversely affect the value of said properties or materially impair their use in the operation of the business of such Person;

(11) Liens created for the benefit of or to secure the Notes or the Note Guarantees;

(12) Liens to secure any Permitted Refinancing Indebtedness permitted to be incurred under this Indenture; provided, however, that:

(a) the new Lien shall be limited to all or part of the same property and assets that secured or, under the written agreements pursuant to which the original Lien arose, could secure the original Lien (plus improvements and accessions to, such property or proceeds or distributions thereof); and

(b) the Indebtedness secured by the new Lien is not increased to any amount greater than the sum of (x) the outstanding principal amount, or, if greater, committed amount, of the Permitted Refinancing Indebtedness and (y) an amount necessary to pay any fees and expenses, including premiums, related to such renewal, refunding, refinancing, replacement, defeasance or discharge;

(13) Liens securing Indebtedness incurred pursuant to clause (12) of the definition of Permitted Debt; provided that the Liens incurred pursuant to this clause (13) extend only to assets of Foreign Subsidiaries;

(14) Liens securing Hedging Obligations;